We are doing our best to be transparent with our prices.

SUB = Sublimation, where the ink is heat pressed into the fabric (for dark fabrics we will be printing on vinyl and heat press the vinyl onto the fabric when there are shades and or white colours in the design)

ST= Stick on Vinyl (permanent or removable)

HP= Heat Press

Puff = Puff Vinyl

We might not have everything in stock yet, but as we are starting up we will buy supplies on demand. There might be a waiting time for it so best to give us a call or a message before you make the drive!

Sublimation Print: Ideal for vibrant, full-color designs on polyester fabrics and hard surfaces.

Permanent Vinyl: A durable option for designs on smooth surfaces like glass, plastic, and metal.

Heat Pressed Vinyl: Perfect for apparel and textiles, providing a smooth, long-lasting finish.

Puff Vinyl: Adds a dimensional effect to your designs, creating a raised, textured finish.